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Can I see some samples?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Of course.

I maintain a password-protected portfolio on my website. 

I know that inputting a password is a little inconvenient, but it's done to protect the anonymity of my clients. 

That does not mean that my clients are drug dealers / intelligence operatives / cybercriminals. It just means that it's an industry best-practice (and sometimes a contractual requirement) to not display ghostwritten work with somebody else's byline publicly.

If you're reading this, you probably already have the password. If not, just ask me for it.

One other disclaimer: some of the work is under NDA, but I can share it directly by email. Other work cannot be shared at all. And finally, I'm pretty bad about keeping the portfolio updated. So if there's a specific clip / topic you are interested, it's often just as easy to send me an email. 

Other Portfolio Formats

Finally, to make it as easy as possible to see some clips, I've put together a few other means of accessing my portfolio. These are:

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