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We're pre-seed. Would you consider working for equity/exposure.
Last Updated 3 years ago

Honestly, in many cases, I would love to.

And if it's a cause that I believe in (note: that cause is not your personal enrichment!), I will occasionally offer pro bono work. 

I've done this for friends, for family members, for publication on websites intended for fellow writers, and even once in exchange for a small supply of Murphy's Irish stout at a bar that I like (yes, this actually happened).

However, those cases are the exceptions rather than the rule.

Unfortunately, I was not the heir to a massive family fortune nor do I live in a particularly cheap part of the world.

Therefore, for simple financial reasons, the following "alternative remuneration mechanisms" do not work for me:

  • Writing for exposure
  • Writing for equity
  • Writing in the anticipation of remuneration when funding is raised

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