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Will you promote my work to your network / guest post about me?
Last Updated 3 years ago

This is one that I get occasionally. So let me clarify:

  • will write a guest post on your behalf.
  • will not post / email / syndicate content that I write for you to my personal network(s).

The service I provide to my clients is strictly a writing one, although increasingly I also get involved in strategizing the type of communications we are going to be working on together.

As my written projects are also almost without exception ghostwriting (at least the work I engage in for clients) I generally do not publicize my clients or, if I do, I tend to refer to them indirectly (I helped "an executive at an e-commerce agency" with a keynote speech).

Finally: if I pitched your company and you thought that I was interested in a pay-for-play guest blogging "opportunity" then you mistook my communication. 

I neither engage in, nor ever plan to offer, pay-for-play guest blogging.

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