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What clients are typically a 'good fit' for you?
Last Updated 3 years ago

This is a good question!

I love working with all manner of technology companies. 

I've written about the IoT, political technology, emerging FinTech solutions, and even the importance of localized customer experience (CX) for multinational retailers.

I sometimes describe myself as an undiversified technology marketing writer.

Right now, this is a good thing: I get to write about a lot of interesting things. Down the line, I expect to specialize in several technology verticals, although B2B and enterprise technology are already beginning to appeal to me.

What else makes for a successful relationship?

  • Realistic expectations around responsiveness. I aim to turn around written texts in 4 to 5 business days. But I'm generally juggling a book of business too. Clients that expect me to be constantly tethered to a Slack channel and checking notifications are not a great fit.
  • A well developed brief. The better the brief, and the more internal resources you can provide to support the writing effort (including Subject Matter Experts / SMEs) the happier you will generally be with your text. I have had the best results working with clients who were experts in their fields, prepared to share that expertise generously, and who had very specific ideas about the type of written work they wanted produced, why they needed it and how they would measure its success.

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