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What's a typical lead time for a project?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Average Lead Time For Articles

  • A typical lead time for turning in a 1,000 word thought leadership article — from the point of receiving the brief —is four to five business days.
  • Please allow two to three business days for each successive round of (minor) revisions. More extensive revisions fall outside this SLA.

Longer projects, such as white papers, naturally take longer than this. 

Average Lead Time For White Papers

As a rough estimate, an average length white paper can take anywhere from two weeks to tun in the first draft (all sources, including SME interviews readied) and six weeks. To expedite white papers, clients should prepare, and have approved, an outline to send along with (or included in) the brief.

Other Projects

Longer projects, including books, can take anywhere from one to three months.

The above timeframes represent a best-effort effort and are not a Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

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