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Can you understand, and communicate, what's unique about our *aaS platform?
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The majority of my writing is for clients in the technology sector, and I have also managed Marketing Communications (MarCom) in-house at two SaaS platforms.

Although I’m not a “techie” by profession, I am a certified geek, Linux enthusiast, and interested in everything to do with technology.

I also recently set up a podcast explaining basically technology services for small business owners.

I can usually draw upon either direct familiarity with a vertical, or previous experience, to understand — and to communicate — what’s unique about your technology product or service.

As a thought leadership client, I see my job as helping you sound authoritative, persuasive, eloquent, authentic, and to help build your personal brand and increase your company’s brand recognition.

I try my best to deliver collateral that helps in all those respects.

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