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How much do you charge for X?
Last Updated 3 years ago

I calculate rates that meet, or exceed, my minimum viable hourly fee. I am transparent about this to dispel the idea that wildly differing rates for different deliverables (say, articles and white papers) are pulled out of the air. They are not — and based on the same underlying pricing model.

With that explained in order to provide a quote, I require some basic details about your company and project.

Such as:

  • What’s the subject?
  • What do you need written?
  • How much research is required?
  • How much editing do you typically require? Is this light editing you can handle internally or will you need me to make a long series of small changes (both preferences are fine, but naturally change how I have to price a quote).
  • Will I need to conduct interviews myself or liaise with a Subject Matter Expert (SME)? Will travel be required to meet these individuals or can the project be executed remotely?

You can provide answers to these questions by completing this quote request form.

Additionally, I can share very rough estimates as to my current pricing structure with you by email.

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