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Can you join our Asana/Slack/Bitbucket?
Last Updated 3 years ago

I can join any platform that is an integral part of your team’s workflow (just be aware that I am usually part of several digital ‘teams’ at any given time so cannot typically respond to messages instantaneously).

I also self-host my own document sharing system if that is a better option for you and can bundle your deliverables, contract, any NDAs signed, etc in one place.

Ubuntu is my day-to-day OS, so I particularly enjoy sharing deliverables over Gdrive (note: is a G Suite account), but I can also send drafts/tracked changes in Microsoft Office formats if that is your preference. If formatting control is very important to you, I can work in those deliverables using Microsoft Word on my Windows virtual machine.

I add all new accounts to an onboarding email workflow.

Full details of all administrative particulars, and paperwork which you or your accounting department may require are provided during the automated sequence.

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